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Configure a new Bluetooth module

The first question is: is my module configured or not? If you obtained it from Dephy, as part of an Actuator Package or another pre-tested setup, it likely is. If you assembled a test adapter yourself, it is guaranteed to not be configured. If you start the setup procedure listed in Using Bluetooth and your PC shows a peripheral named RBNT-xxxx it indicates that your module has not been configured yet. Keep going through the steps of Connecting a module to your computer for the first time, then jump to the next section of this page.

Using the Plan GUI to configure a Bluetooth module

  1. Make sure that your module is powered and detected by your computer
  2. Use Plan 2.0 to do this, some versions of Plan 3.0 have a know bug in the config code.
  3. Using the Configuration window, connect to the right COM port.
  4. Under Bluetooth, click on Set mode: Cmd.
    1. The Green LED will start blinking quickly. If it doesn't, do not continue with the following steps. Power cycle and start over.
  5. Click on “GUI”. You'll see quick Red flashes every 500ms. Wait for the progress bar to be complete.
  6. Click on “Reboot”

At this point you can re-open the COM port and start using the GUI. Power cycling is not typically needed. Windows might keep listing your module as an RBNT-xxxx for a little while, but it will eventually refresh it to be FlexSEA-xxxx. All other computers should see it as FlexSEA-xxxx almost immediately.

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