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 python fxMain.py python fxMain.py
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== CLion IDE =====
 +It is possible to use CLion for your fx_plan_stack development. As of now, it supports file navigation and syntax highlighting,​ as well as basic compilation.
 +  - Open CLion
 +  - File > Open...
 +  - Select fx_plan_stack (top directory). If you already had another project open, select New Window.
 +    * Important: you need to have the submodules in the right location (side by side).
 +    * Easiest way to do this is to clone ''​FlexSEA''​ and to open ''​FlexSEA\fx_plan_stack''​ as your project.
 +  - Confirm that the CMake project was loaded (lower console).
 +You can now use CLion as your IDE. As a quick test, open src/​device.cpp. Ctrl+click on circ_buff_init() as a test; it will bring you to the flexsea-comm submodule.
 +Build and release configurations should be available automatically:​
 +{{ :​compile.png?​200 |}}
 +Selecting fx_plan_stack and clicking build will compile your libraries.
 +Please keep in mind that ''​stack_builder.sh''​ does more than simply compile: it moves necessary files to where they belong. Exercise caution if you decide to build with CLion.
 =====How to cross-compile the libraries===== =====How to cross-compile the libraries=====
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