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C/C++ Scripts

Documentation on the fx_plan_stack API can be found here.


If you have not already setup up your Actuator Package, please read the quick start guide. Some other requirements are:

  1. Working C/C++ Compiler (MinGW is suggested).
  2. libfx_plan_stack.dll 32-bit version.

This program requires the 32-bit version of the fx_plan_stack dynamic Link library (DLL). The 64-bit version will not work. This DLL is supplied with the scripts.

Downloading and installation

The scripts and DLL can be downloaded from Github. Use a git bash window and execute the following:

git clone -b dev –-recursive https://github.com/DephyInc/Actuator-Package.git

The source code can be found in the Actuator-Package\acpac_cscripts directory. The required DLL is in the Actuator-Package\fx_plan_stack\lib directory. You will need to create/copy the serial library and the FlexSEA_Stack-Shared library to the lib directory.


Open a terminal window and change to the Actuator-Package\acpac_cscripts directory. Then execute the following commands

Mkdir build
cd Build
cmake .. -G "MinGW Makefiles"

The exectuable program is called main.exe. It will be found in the build directory.

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