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Actuator Package: MATLAB Scripts


If you have not already setup up your Actuator Package, please read the quick start guide. Some other requirements are:

  • MATLAB, Octave is not currently supported.
  • libfx_plan_stack.dll 64-bit version, which is supplied with the scripts
  • MinGW 64 bit compiler. You must setup the PATH variable to point the 64-bit version. Refer to the MATLAB Hints page for more details.

Downloading and installation

To download the scripts and DLL, execute the following command:

git clone –-recursive -b dev https://github.com/DephyInc/Actuator-Package.git

The MATLAB scripts will be in the Actuator-Package\MATLAB_scripts directory. The DLL is in the Actuator-Package\fx_plan_stack\lib64 directory. The scripts are executable as-is. There is no need to move or copy files.


  • Start MATLAB and change the folder to the Actuator-Package\MATLAB_scripts directory.
  • Edit the com.txt file. Each line should contain the com port for one of your FlexSEA device(s).
  • Open file flexsea_demo.m and run it.
  • Select the demo you would like to run from the menu displayed.

Hints and Peculiarities

There are a number of hints that Dephy Inc. has discovered while implementing the MATLAB scripts for the FlexSEA device. Please refer to the MATLAB Hints page for more information.

For proper operation of the FlexSEA MATLAB scripts, the fxCleanup() function must be called.
This is especially important should one of these scripts, or a user supplied script, crashes
before fxCleanup() is called.
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