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 +====== Plan 3.0: Hardware Calibration Tool ======
 +Click on Tools > Calibration to open the Hardware Calibration Tool. This tool is used during prototyping as well as during the manufacturing process.
 +Find Poles is used when a new Rigid circuit is used with a motor for the first time, and if the motor and the electronics had to be separated for a maintenance procedure. This tool calls a special function on Execute that will step the motor through all of its poles and save a table in non-volatile memory.
 +{{ :​p30calib1.png |}}
 +The Belt calibration is a procedure that needs to run once after a new belt has been installed. It creates a map linking motor position and ankle position.
 +{{ :​p30calib2.png |}}
 +The Safety tab allows the user to program the undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and the programmable fuses. Please refer to [[i2t|I²t current limit: Programmable Fuse]], [[i2t_v2|I²t current limit: Programmable Fuse (v2.0)]] and [[lowvoltageprotection|Low Voltage Protection (UVLO)]] for all the details.
 +{{ :​p30calib3.png |}}
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