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Plan 3.0: 2D Plot

  • For simple experiments with only one device, the Slave list will come pre-loaded with the current slave.
  • The Variable list allows you to select what you want to plot. Up to 6 variables can be plotted at once.
  • X-Axis:
    • By default it's in Automatic mode, 200 points.
    • You can change it to manual and plot 1 to 1000 points.
  • Y-axis:
    • By default it's in Automatic mode. It scales based on the data plotted.
    • A dropdown menu allows you to pick between percentages and units. This is used to always make the vertical span bigger than the maximum and minimum data points.
    • Tip: the ±5 ticks option is great to analyze sensor noise.
  • The m & b boxes allow you to transform values based on the y=mx+b equation. This can be used to bring different sensors on the same order of magnitude.
  • The statistics conveniently display key parameters for each signal
  • Option Bar Buttons:
    • Freeze! / Release: Freeze will make the display static. We use that when a specific event happens and we want time to analyze the situation. Clicking Release will start refreshing the display again.
    • Clear Plot clears the display
    • Default sets all variables back to Unused
    • IMU loads the 6 IMU channels
    • Sequential populates variables 2 to 6 based on variable 1.
    • Screenshot takes a screenshot of the current screen, and saves it next to your logs.
    • Cursor Mode enables two cursors. They can be used to take measurements on a waveform.
  • The dashed line separating the plotting area from the rest can be used to resize the plot.
  • Freeze mode tips:
    • You can draw a box with your mouse (click, drag & release) to zoom in on data
    • Double-clicking brings it back to the default scale

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