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FlexSEA-Rigid 0.2 Connectors

If you are using Rigid 0.1, please refer to the FlexSEA-Rigid 0.1 Connectors page. On v0.2 the expansion connector was flipped to expose the lock (easier to connect/disconnect) and the Strain and Angle connectors have been replaced by Pico-Clasp equivalents instead of PicoBlade. As a result, only one crimp tool is needed.

J4: Expansion

J1 and J2: Strain and Joint Angle

Programming and Debugging

On Rigid 0.2 the programming ports use different connectors. Ex and Re have 0.5mm FFC connectors while Mn, the most often programmed microcontroller, has a more robust 1mm FFC connector. They use different Programming Adapters.

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