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Actuator Package: SIMULINK Model

Documentation on the fx_plan_stack API can be found here.


If you have not already setup up your Actuator Package, please read the quick start guide. Some other requirements are:

  • MATLAB and SIMULINK, Octave is not currently supported.
  • libfx_plan_stack.dll 64-bit version
  • MinGW 64 bit compiler is required and the PATH variable must point to the 64-bit version. Refer to the MATLAB Hints page for more details.

The SIMULINK Model requires the 64-bit version of the fx_plan_stack dynamic Link library (DLL). The 32-bit version will not work. This DLL is supplied with the scripts.

Downloading and installation

The scripts and DLL can be downloaded from GITHUB. Use a git bash window and execute the following:

git clone -b dev –-recursive https://github.com/DephyInc/Actuator-Package.git

The SIMULINK Model will be in the Actuator-Package\SIMULINK\OpenControl directory. The required DLL is in the Actuator-Package\fx_plan_stack\lib64 directory.


  • Start MATLAB program and change the folder to the Actuator-Package\SIMULINK\OpenControl directory.
  • Start SIMULINK and open the openControl.slx project.
  • The model is currently configured to use COM3 to communicate with the Actuator Package. You can edit the openControlStart.m script and change this.
  • The three 'scope blocks' should be opened and have suitable scaling.
  • Open the diagnostic viewer from the simulink GUI.
  • Run the model.

Hints and Peculiarities

There are a number of hints that Dephy Inc. has discovered while implementing the MATLAB scripts for the FlexSEA device. Please refer to the MATLAB Hints page for more information.

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