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Actuator Package Software User Guide

This guide will cover usage and best practices for the actuator package software.

Supported Platforms

The Actuator Package software is supported on Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu 18.04), and Raspberry Pi 4 (RPi4). Please note that the RPi3 support was dropped with the Stack 4.0 release (February 2020) due to GCC version limits. We recommend that all clients move to a RPi4; the performance gains are major.


The API is listed here but for the most up to date API see: device_wrapper.h.

For Python users, the C++ API is wrapped by the Python API.


Important Notes/Best Practices

  • Ensure you have sufficient time (at least 1ms on Raspberry Pi 4) between subsequent calls which send a command over serial to a FlexSEA device (fxSendMotorCommand, fxStartStreaming, fxSet/Request functions for UVLO, i2t, current offset, etc.). The fxRead commands read data which has already been taken from the serial port so there is no need to put delays between subsequent calls to fxRead functions.
  • For best performance with high performance usage (sending commands at 100Hz+), it is best to disable the debug logs and data logs.
  • Power cycle the device between trials/sessions.

Reporting Issues

You can report any issues here

When reporting issues it is best to try to reproduce the issue with the debug log enabled. The data log can also be useful for debugging issues.

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