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-====== Exo with Network Interface ====== +This page has been replaced by [[clients:​dpeb45network|DpEb45 ​with Network Interface]]. It requires that you log in with your client account. If you do not have the required permissions please reach out to Dephy.
- +
-Non-specific ​[[exo|DpEb45 ​Instructions]]. +
- +
-===== Resetting Stats ===== +
-These instructions are for using the "​Network Command Sender"​ and Plan GUI +
-  - Click on "Reset Stats" and UTT [3] will be set to '​1'​. If UTT[3] shows '​0'​ for either of the legs after clicking, then comm failed. Click on "Reset Stats" until both UTT [3] fields are '​1.'​ +
-  - User walks for 2 steps per leg +
-  - Click on "Read UTT" and UTT [3] will now show '​0'​ +
-  - Click "Start Learning" ​to begin learning +
-  - Click "Stop Learning"​ to end learning +
-  - Click "Power On" to turn on exo power. If one or both of the legs has learned for less than 15 steps, then the power will not turn on+
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