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Install Build Tools (Windows)

To compile the libraries required to use the scripts you will need to install CMake and MinGW-w64 (MinGW-w64 provides a more complete Win32 API implementation than the “normal” MinGW).


Download page of the MinGW-w64 project

I used the “MingW-W64-builds” link and ended up on SourceForge. I opened mingw-w64-install.exe and kept most of the defaults other than the path (i686 is the most important (32 bit system)). I installed it directly to C: not C:\Program Files to avoid the space and/or special characters that Windows has.

The next step is to add this compiler to your path. In my example, I installed the compiler in C:\mingw-w64 and the folder with all the .exe is C:\mingw-w64\mingw32\bin. This might be different based on the exact version you have (ex: on my laptop it's C:\mingw-w64 & C:\mingw-w64\i686-8.1.0-posix-dwarf-rt_v6-rev0\mingw32\bin) I'm not 100% sure if all of this is needed, but I know it works with this config:

  • User variables: add MinGW and path to bin/
  • User variables: edit Path to have the path to bin/
  • System variables: add symbol for MinGW

Before testing you'll need to reload all the environment symbols, and the easiest way to do that is to restart your computer.

After you restarted, open PowerShell and type “mingw32-make.exe -v”. If you get the following you succeeded:

If you get an error message you need to go back to the environment variables and make sure that all your paths are correct.


CMake Download page

  1. Get the latest version for your OS. I downloaded the installer for 3.12.2 64 bits.
  2. Follow the instruction. Check the box to add the program to your path.
  3. Restart and test with
    cmake --version

More information about environment variables:

Adding environnement variables can be frustrating. To ease the process, here are a few ressources and tips:

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