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Low Voltage Protection (UVLO)

  • It's possible to start experimenting with USB, then connect a battery (or power supply).
  • Disconnecting or discharging the battery below the minimum voltage will turn off the board. The presence or absence of USB power doesn't matter.
  • By default, the low-voltage detection will only trigger after 5000ms for +VB and 1000ms for +5V
  • Known bug (06/2018): the motor current zero will be wrong if you power by USB first.
  • Not shown on this diagram: a brief press will turn the LED magenta as a confirmation that the software has registered the user input. This can be used to start experiment or to switch mode or control policies.

Changing the limit

Versions of software stack (> 09/2018) support updating the minimum battery voltage from the Plan 3.0 GUI. Rather than using a fixed value, FlexSEA-Regulate and FlexSEA-Manage will both pull from their non-volatile memory. If a valid value has been programmed they will use it. If not they will send the default value. To change the cutoff voltage, simply open the Calibration Tools. You can read the value, and you can write a new one. Always power-cycle the system twice after doing so to make sure that the non-volatile values get used (some of that code is only called at boot).

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