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FlexSEA-Manage is a polyvalent circuit that can have a wide range of usages depending on the system architecture. In the simplest system designs, it acts as a communication protocol translator, allowing Plan and Execute to communicate. When multiple FlexSEA-Execute are used, it routes packets, and can manage communication timings. It can be used to add extra sensors and output devices to the system. In systems that do not require the computing power of an embedded computer, Manage can host the high-level state machines.

At this point very few projects use the standalone FlexSEA-Manage circuit, but almost all projects use FlexSEA-Rigid, a board that contains Manage/Mn as well as the other core FlexSEA sub-circuits.

Standalone FlexSEA-Manage Hardware Design Files

Getting started with Dephy STM32 projects

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