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Connecting the 6-ch Strain Amplifier to an ActPack

Connectors and Tools

Strain gauges/load cells:

I2C and power:

J2 & J3:


The FlexSEA-Rigid 0.2(B) Connectors page shows J4's pins. The two relevant one are pin 14 (SDA) and pin 13 (SCL). Because J4 doesn't have +5V, we get it from J1 or J2 (pin 6 has +5V, pin 1 has GND).

Colors and signals:

  • Black: GND
  • Red: +5V
  • Orange: SDA
  • Blue: SCL


Why aren't we using the SG connector? The “SG” (J1 + FFC) connector present on Rigid 0.2 is for a discrete strain gauge. It uses an onboard amplifier. The 6-ch amplifier has 6 of those amplifiers, as well as a microcontroller that reads the analog signals and sends them over I2C. To link it to ActPack, we use I2C.

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