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Plan 3.0: Connect & Stream

This page will demonstrate how to connect a FlexSEA device to the Plan 3.0 GUI, and how to sensor data.

Before you start:

  • This example was done with a Dephy Actuator Package (ActPack) connected via USB. Bluetooth could have been used as well.
  • Make sure to know what COM port number you have. In the example below it's COM5.

Animated Example

Static step-by-step

Freshly opened GUI, no device connected. The lower part of the window is the Connection Bar.

The arrow on the connection bar allows you to make it bigger or smaller. The + and - signs will control how many devices can be connected. By default the connection bar is big (easier for tablets) and 2 device lines are shown.

Select your COM port from the list.

Click on the Connect button. If the connection is successful, the pictogramme will turn green and the device selection menu will show what device was found. In this example we see “rigid (29) Mn 1”. 29 is the short device ID (Rigid Device ID) and “Mn 1” indicates that it found a slave programmed as Manage #1. In some projects we use #1 for one side (or joint), and #2 for another. By default the Log (quill) and Auto Stream (lightning) buttons will be checked.

Optional: In the folder where the “plan3.0.exe” executable is located there is a file named “connection_configs.txt” (if it's not there, create it with this exact name). You can use it to save port nicknames.

Click on the Play button to start streaming. Click on Add View > Device Window. This will create a window that displays all the variables that you are currently receiving from your device.

To plot data, click on Add View > 2D Plot. In this example, I clicked on IMU to pre-load all 6-channels.

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