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Plan GUI

The Plan GUI is a graphical dashboard for FlexSEA and Dephy ExoBoot projects. It's a cross-platform program written in C++ with the Qt framework. It allows data visualization, data logging, controller tuning, and much more. Think of it as the combination of an oscilloscope and a software debugger. For 99% of application it should be the first thing you use with a new FlexSEA device.

Plan 3.0+

Major differences vs Plan 2.0

  • Completely new software architecture to ease development and increase reliability
  • Underlying code is the same as for the scripts
  • Supports more than one device
  • Significantly faster Bluetooth communication
  • Improved UI for tablets

Using Plan 3.0+

Legacy - Plan 2.0

Up to Fall 2018 the official release was based on the 2.0 codebase. Since then we are transitioning clients and collaborators to v3.0. While the two GUI may appear very similar, major changes have been made to the underlying architecture and libraries. We do not recommend using Plan 2.0 at this point, unless you are working with legacy hardware.


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