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-====== Plan GUI 3.0: Operator Mode ====== 
-The Plan GUI 3.0 Operator version is a simplified GUI that allows the user to easily connect to a pair of ExoBoots, adjust ExoBoot power levels, and turn ExoBoot power on and off. The Operator GUI is generally used for quick Demos of the ExoBoot. The GIF below demonstrates the entire functionality of the Plan GUI 3.0 Operator. ​ 
-===== Operation Instructions ===== 
-  - Turn on and calibrate ExoBoots by holding down the physical button on each device. ​ 
-  - Select ExoBoot size from the drop-down menu at the bottom left of GUI.  
-  - Click on green "​Connect"​ button to link the ExoBoot to the GUI via Bluetooth 
-  - "​Connect"​ button will turn grey and change to "​Opening ports..."​ 
-  - If the green "​Connect"​ button reappears, the user can re-click but does not need to.  
-  - Green "​Connect"​ button will change to a red "​Disconnect"​ button. The "Power ON" button will turn green and the "Power Off" button will turn red. The ExoBoot is now connected to the GUI.  
-  - The User can select "Power ON" to turn on the ExoBoot power or "Power Off" to turn off the ExoBoot power. 
-  - The User can slide the "​Power"​ slider to increase or decrease ExoBoot applied power. This can be done while the power is on or off.  
-  - Click on red "​Disconnect"​ button to disconnect the ExoBoots from the GUI  
-The Operator GUI will appear as shown below when first opened. Note that only the "​Connect"​ button is highlighted in green and the "​Connection Status"​ at the bottom left is grey.  
-Once the GUI is connected to the ExoBoots, it will appear as shown below. Note that the "​Connection Status"​ at the bottom left is green, the green "​Connect"​ button has changed to a red "​Disconnect"​ button, and the both the "Power On" and "Power Off" buttons have been turned on.  
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