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Project Revisions and Branches


This page will track the latest revisions, branches, and tags for each of the GIT projects or modules. It will also contain information pertaining to the GIT projects and sub-modules. The goal is to help identify each product, improve product quality and standardize the development process. Ideally, we should be able to track any object to a specific set of changes within the project repository.

GIT Branches and Tagging

Each GIT project should have at least one stable branch and multiple development branches.

Master - This should always be the current stable branch. It should be thoroughly tested and properly tagged.

MasterPublic - If there is a need to provide a version of a project that does not contain Dephy proprietary information, the branch will be called MasterPublic. It should be thoroughly tested and tagged. The tags should be similarly named as in the Master branch.

devXYZ - There should be a development branch for each person modifying the project. Use you initials to help identify your work. When you have completed an assignment, merge the Master branch into your development branch. When it is stable and tested, merge the result into the Master

Feature branches - As a new feature is implemented, create a branch off of your development branch and call it something related to the feature. When the feature is complete, merge this into your development branch.


GIT Tags serve as the basis for the Dephy revision standard. Each project should be given an Annotated Tag with a descriptive message.


Tags: I would recommend the annotation be some form of incrementing numbering scheme. For example R1.0 for the initial tag, R1.1 for the next release.

Message: The tag message should be descriptive of the changes from the previous tag. For example “Added feature xyz” or “Change XYZ requested by a client”.

Keep in mind that some of the project repositories are accessible to the public and proprietary information and client names should be kept confidential.

Current Revision and Branch for each Project

Note that some of these do not follow the recommendations and guidelines above. As we move forward, we should make it a goal to update the projects properly.

Project Revision TAG Branch Build Notes
fx_plan_stack None R1.0.0 Master CMAKE, Eclipse, Qt Eclipse for Raspberry PI only?
acpac_cscripts None None Master
MATLAB_scripts None None Master
SIMULINK None None Master
FlexSEA-Stack-SharedLib None R1.0.0 Internal branch: multipacket_dephy Eclipse 1) The branches will be changed/renamed shortly
External branch: master 2) CMAKE build is not functioning
Plan3 GUI (Operator console) None R1.0.0 OperatorMode Qt
Plan3 GUI (Network Console) None R1.0.0 dan_dev_ll Qt
Plan3 GUI (Developer Console) None R1.0.0 Master Qt Depends on FlexSEA-Stack-SharedLib branch multipacket_dephy
Serial Library None R1.0.0 dev CMAKE
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