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Ex or Re Field Update

Ex and Re bootloaders are implemented to re-program the internal flash of Ex and Re. PSoC Bootloader Host tool may be used to communicate with Ex and Re bootloaders to download new firmware.

First Time Flashing

Ex and Re bootloaders cannot be used to flash the target for the first time. Please refer to Ex or Re Firmware Update wiki page for general guidelines on how to flash a brand new device.

Updating Existing Software


  • ST-LINK programmer V2 or V3
  • Actuator Package or Exo (Hardware v3.0+)
  • USB micro data cable
  • Ex or Re flashed (on device) with Firmware 20201208-fx-rigid-re/ex or newer
  • .cyacd file which has embedded bootloader and new firmware inside

Follow the instructions below to update existing Ex or Re firmware.

Installing PSoC Bootloader Host

Refer to PSoC Bootloader Host installation wiki page if the tool hasn't been installed yet.


  1. Connect FFC (0.5mm for hardware v4.0+, 1mm for older versions) to the right connector labelled as Mn on PCB. If the connector is exposed, the enclosure doesn't need to be removed. The FFC contacts have to face the PCB (ie. not visible from above).
  2. Power the circuit via USB - no battery.
  3. Turn the device on.
  4. Type one of the commands below.
    1. For Ex
      ./manage_builder.sh ExecuteFieldUpdate-[HW_VERSION] [FILENAME]

      Example usage:

      ./manage_builder.sh ExecuteFieldUpdate-rigid3.0 "C:\GitHub\fx-rigid-re\fx-rigid-re.cydsn\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\fx-rigid-ex.cyacd"
    2. For Re
      ./manage_builder.sh RegulateFieldUpdate-[HW_VERSION] [FILENAME]

      Example usage:

      ./manage_builder.sh RegulateFieldUpdate-rigid3.0 "C:\GitHub\fx-rigid-re\fx-rigid-re.cydsn\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\fx-rigid-re.cyacd"
  5. Hit enter to execute script.
  6. When it's done, power cycle

User should see messages on the terminal as shown in below screenshots through a successful firmware update.

  • Building manage tunnel application
  • Putting Mn in tunnel mode
  • Flashing the target (Ex or Re)

Terminating Existing Process

User cannot terminate field update process once the bootloader is activated. It is also not recommended to unplug USB cable during field update process or terminate any running script to abort field update. Most likely, this may cause flash content corruption. If either power loss or script termination occurs during field update in some way, please refer to Ex or Re Firmware Update wiki page to flash the target.

Bootloader Color Codes

Below table shows the color codes during firmware updating process

LED Color LED State
Waiting Connection Blue Blinking
Connection Established White Solid
Idle Cyan Solid
Exchanging Data Cyan Blinking


If an error occurs, the script would try to re-program the target 3 more times. If all attempts are resulted in failure, the script terminates itself without updating existing software. Once the script is terminated, it is recommended to make a fresh start by re-programming Mn before executing the script again.

Error: 1

Programming may be terminated with error #1 like shown below. If the script fails at all attempts, check the filename and directory provided.

Error: 8192

Programming may be terminated with error #8192 like shown below. If the script fails at all attempts, check the cable connections and board power, and make sure ST-LINK programmer is not being used by another program.

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