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ActPack Scripts


As an alternative to the Plan GUI we provide high-level scripts to wrap around the C/C++ FlexSEA stack. The repository is available on git: DephyInc/Actuator-Package. The master branch contains the tested versions. Please use this and not the various feature branches.


The Stack 4.0 API is a suite of functions that configure and control FlexSEA devices. The scripts rely on this API.


  • To use the scripts you need libraries. We provide libraries for:
    • Windows 32-bits & 64-bits
    • Ubuntu 64-bits
    • Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) 32-bits & 64-bits, Raspberry Pi 4 only
  • For Windows, 32 vs 64 depends on your Python version and not your OS (essentially everyone is on 64-bits these days)
  • Know limitations:
    • On Windows you can reach tens to low-hundreds of Hz. This is computer specific, and a faster computer won't necessarily lead to faster loops.
    • On Ubuntu (even in a VM) you can reach hundreds of Hz
    • On RPi4, the preferred platform for real-world experiments, you can get in the high hundreds of Hz

Additional tools and information

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