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6-ch Strain Gauge Amplifier


Category Sub-Category Specifications / Details
Elect. Supply voltage (V) 5V from USB or IO connector (power mux, hot swap supported)
Current (mA)
CPU Reference PSoC 5LP - CY8C5888LTI-LP097
Special features Programmable analog and digital blocks
CPU/RAM/IOs 80MHz ARM Cortex-M3, 256K/64KB, 38 IOs QFN
Software / IDE PSoC Creator 4.1, C (GCC 5.4) and graphical prog.
Serial interfaces I2C 400kHz Slave, 3V3 or 5V, programmable address
USB Full-Speed (FS) 12 Mbps
Strain gauge amplifier Channels 6
Gain Fixed G=125 (can be changed with 0603 resistor)
Offset Programmable,  +V/2 ±20% 8bits, non-volatile
Filter 585Hz 2nd Order Low-Pass Filter (-3dB)
ADC Delta-sigma, 12 to 20bits ( > 1kHz per channel @ 16bits)
Supply 5V
External periph. Connectors SG: 14-pin Pico-Blade, IO: 4-pin Pico-Blade
Physical X (mm) 42
Y (mm) 29
Z (mm) 8.4mm at one end (connectors), rest is below 5.8mm
Weight 7g
PCB tech. Layers 4
Copper 1
Trace/space/via 6/6 mils, 8/20 mils
Assembly Dual-sided
Other Integration 2x M2 mounting screws
User Interface RGB LED, tactile switch



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