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Windows Development Environment

It is recommended that when you run the installers for the programs below, that you use the Run as Administrator options (right-click on the installer and select Run as Administrator). In most cases this will allow you to access restricted folders and enable the program to be used by all users of the computer.

Packages required for

  • MinGW
  • GIT
  • QtCreator
  • System Workbench

Download the MinGW installer and install the package. During the installation, select the following options:

  • Version: 6.3.0
  • Architecture: i686
  • Threads: Posix
  • Exception: Dwarf

You may need to add the path to the binaries to the Windows environment some installations here have not had this set.

There is another installer that can be found by searching the internet. The file mingw-get-setup.exe should not be used. We have seen inconsistent results after using it.

Qt Creator

Download the Qt Installer and run it. Only version 5.10.1 has been tested.

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