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ActPack 4.1

Stable, flexible, high-performance actuator

Fully integrated brushless motor (BLDC), power electronics, and sensing & control logic. Direct drive, 6:1 or 9:1 gearhead, onboard IMU, programmable safety features, Python API; all you need for most wearable robotic joints, neatly packaged.

Starting at $2,950

BA30 LiPo Battery

Safety first, in the lab
and on the move

The BA30 is a UN38.3-certified LiPo battery designed for robotics. It is energy dense, supports high pulse currents, will last hundreds of cycles, and has tons of built-in safeties. Use it with the Dephy ExoBoot or in your own project.

Starting at $890


Solves the hard problem of attaching to squishy people

Dephy boots have a composite footplate to transfer forces, and precision lateral mounting points to attach your robot. Having access to a full size range will allow you to test any subjects, not just people with your shoe size.

Starting at $1,900


Let's Start Answering the Hard Questions

As robotics engineers, before we can run an experiment to answer a scientific question, we have to design and program a complex mechatronic system. We all face the same challenges:

  • finding which specific broken wire is making our robot unstable;
  • writing yet another I2C driver because the example code is for a different microcontroller;
  • coming to the conclusion that screwing an M6 bolt in the sole of a boot is the only way to attach a hard robot to a soft boot;
  • and wondering how many more cycles we can get out of that puffy LiPo battery before it is “officially” unsafe to use.

As corporate sell-outs who left academia to start an exoskeleton company, we had to find better, cheaper and more sustainable solutions. We designed what we think is the best wearable robotics research platform in the world: stable, high-performance hardware and software that allows us to conduct repeatable experiments.

We’d now like to share seven years of hard work by offering the FASTER platform to the research community. Skip the soldering, the embedded C debugging, the filing and sanding of aluminum parts, and start answering the hard questions today.

JF Duval

CTO, Dephy

Our partners are already getting FASTER

Credit: Elliott Rouse

"Using Dephy ActPacks enabled our lab to be more productive and more confident in our results. We can get our systems up and running in a matter of minutes, compared to hours or days with other solutions. I cannot recommend the use of Dephy solutions enough!"

Elliott J Rouse, PhD

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan

Credit: Jimmy Day (CC BY-SA 4.0)

"I've been working with the FlexSEA system for the past four years... The high power density, current control, and combination of ready-to-use peripheral components has provided a turnkey mechatronic system. The combined systems allow me to focus on my machine design and control systems of interest, thus accelerating development time."

Matt Carney, PhD

Biomechatronics Group
MIT Media Lab

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